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Deep Cycle battery Trojan Battery Company is recognized worldwide as a successful manufacturer of Batteries serving the electric vehicle, solar voltaic/renewable energy, marine/RV business. The quality in manufacturing techniques and proprietary construction methods makes them one of the leaders in the deep-cycle battery industry.

Trojans deep-cycle batteries can be found in construction equipment, golf cars, aerial work stations, material handling, and even floor equipment where deep density, and thick plate requirements need to be met.

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deep cycle

Trojan Deep Cycle Deep cycle batteries in themselves are a somewhat unique technology. They are virtually maintenance-free devices that promote environmental health. Deep-cycle batteries are developed to charge through most of their potential, going from 100% charged down to 5 to 10% in some cases. On the contrary, standard automotive batteries are developed to discharge their current frequently and in large doses as in when a person starts their car.


12v batteries

12v Trojan Battery The Trojan 12v battery, like all Trojan products, is the result of a long history of research and innovation by one of the industry’s leaders. This battery will show exceptional durability, reliability and long life because of Trojan’s superior design and technology. Trojan has a patented electrolytic paste called Alpha Plus designed to increase capacity and overall ampere-hours.


What can you expect from your new Trojan battery?

  • A new deep-cycle battery will not deliver its full rated capacity. This is normal and should be expected as it takes time for a deep-cycle battery to reach maximum performance or peak capacity.
  • Trojan’s batteries take between 50 – 100 cycles to work up to providing full, peak capacity.
  • When operating batteries at temperatures below 80°F (27°C) they will deliver less than the rated capacity. For example at 0°F (-18°C) the battery will deliver 50% of its capacity and at 80°F (27°C) it will deliver 100% of its capacity.
  • When operating batteries at temperatures above 80°F (27°C) they will deliver more than the rated capacity but the battery life will be reduced.
  • The life of a battery is difficult to predict, as it will vary with application, frequency of usage and level of maintenance.

Charging trojan battery

Proper charging is imperative to maximize battery performance. Both under- or over-charging batteries can significantly reduce the life of the battery. For proper charging, refer to the instructions that came with your equipment.